Record column updates

Update 1 of 2 - Column preferences

We have updated record columns so that your selection will be remembered within the browser you are using.

You can reset the columns to default using the new link in the column selection drop-down.

Screenshot 2019-04-24 at 13.33.20.png

Update 2 of 2 - Column sorting

Some columns can now be sorted by clicking on the column heading. This will toggle between A-Z and Z-A sorting.

Screenshot 2019-04-24 at 13.44.08.png

Certificate Activities

We are pleased to announce that Certificate exports are now permanently stored and available to view/download at any time.

Previously, if you exported any Records into a Certificate, we expected you to save a copy of the PDF file yourself. Now, when you create a Certificate, we will add it as an Activity against each included Record.

You can simply view the Activity to preview or download the Certificate again in future.

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 14.56.15.png

This functionality is available on our web client now, and will be coming to our mobile apps soon.

Thanks to all our users for suggesting great feature enhancements. Please keep your suggestions coming 😊

Upcoming Events

We love meeting all our users, so if you're going to be at any of these upcoming events, please come find us and say hi! 👋

It would be great to chat with you about how you use Papertrail, and what functionality you would like to see in future.

Custom Checklists Available

We are now able to build custom checklists to meet your own inspection checklists needs!

If you need to ensure a common set of steps are followed during an inspection, or want to collect evidence that thorough inspections are being completed, then custom checklists would be perfect for you!

Please get in touch with us at, and we will be happy to work with you to define and create a great checklist for your Papertrail account.

Checklist Section Icons

We have deployed an improvement to our new Checklists functionality.

When looking at a Checklist summary on a completed inspection, the icons indicate whether all checks were completed, partially completed or all incomplete.


This improvement will make it easier to drill into any checklist sections that you should look into more closely.

If you're not yet using our new Checklists functionality, but would like to, please get in touch.

Direct Debit now Available

We have recently updated our billing systems and are now able to accept payments by Direct Debit from the UK, most of Europe and Australia.

Direct Debit payments are simple and safe. They reduce the risk of your Papertrail subscription being deactivated due to late or failed payments.

If you would like to switch to Direct Debit payments, please just get in touch with us at and we would be happy to set it up.

New and improved! Papertrail for iOS and Android

We have rebuilt our mobile apps from the ground-up, to deliver better syncing performance and new features.

Download the app for iOS now

Download the app for Android now

Read more on our blog

Export Records list view

When you export your records to PDF or CSV from the 'Records list' view, the export will now show all the Records in a single list, rather than split up by Folder as it used to.

When exporting from the 'Folders' view, the Records will by split up by Folder as they always have been.

View and sort by Frequency name

You can now choose to view the 'Frequency' name in the Records list when browsing your Folders.

When the Frequency name is displayed, you can also sort your Records alphabetically by Frequency name.

Upload file name tooltip

If you add an upload with a long file name, the name is often cut off when it's displayed within Papertrail.

If this happens, you can now simply hover over the filename to see it in full.

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