Papertrail updates
Papertrail updates

Single Sign-On




Papertrail are pleased to announce the release of our new single sign-on feature.

Single sign-on allows users to access Papertrail with their organisation’s Microsoft login. This feature eliminates the need to keep track of multiple passwords, enables the enforcement of stronger and more secure password policies and makes the inspection management process with Papertrail even more effortless.

This feature is currently only available on our web app but we are currently working on adding this feature to our mobile apps.


Issue Resolved




We are pleased to report that the previously logged issue has now been resolved, with processes in place to prevent this reoccurring.

Overdue record issues




We are aware that customers are currently experiencing issues with record states not appearing correctly in the record view of the desktop version of the app.

Records which are not due for inspection are appearing as overdue in the record view, this is due to a minor bug in the system.

Our engineers are working to fix this issue as soon as possible and we will update once resolved.

Screenshot 2023-01-25 at 16.18.07.png

If you are unsure on the state of any of your records please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your patience!

Calendar Integration




Papertrail are pleased to start the new year with the release of our new Calendar Integration feature!

Calendar integration.png

Our users can now integrate Papertrail with their personal desktop calendar, giving a clear overview of scheduled and projected upcoming inspections.

When enabling this feature, users can customise, the name of the account calendar, the number of months of inspections to display in the calendar and the number of inspections per day to group into one event.

To learn more about our Calendar Integration feature, please read our Help Article HERE.




Issue resolved




We are pleased to report that the previously logged issue has now been fixed, with processes in place to prevent this reoccurring.

Loading Issues




We are currently working to resolve issues being experienced by a small number of customers who are timing out while trying to view records and/or tasks. We will update as soon as this issue is resolved. Thank you for your patience.

Card view




Papertrail has a new look! We’ve updated our main Accounts page by adding a new, friendlier, Card View option. Cards give you more information about your subscription and accounts, and you can access frequently used actions from the ⋮ menu.

Card view (1).png

Card view is especially helpful for more advanced Papertrail users with access to multiple accounts and subscriptions as you can see which subscription your accounts belong to. We’ve tidied up too by removing expired and deactivated accounts to a separate ‘Inactive’ tab. If you prefer you can easily switch back to List View where you will also find the ⋮ actions menu and other features.

To learn more about Card View, please read our updated Help Article

Manage your tags

Tag Manager Feature Release!




Papertrail are pleased to announce that customers can now manage the tags used in their accounts. This new tool allows account admins to view and manage the tags in an account. Help with tags is frequently requested of our customer support team as users not infrequently enter the same tag with different spellings or different capitalisation.

Tag Manager (1).png

To learn more about Tag Manager, please read our Help Article ‘How to manage tags’.

Please note that Tag Manager is only available to account admins via the Papertrail web application.

Coming This Week

Draft Inspections Feature Release!




Papertrail are pleased to announce that all customers can now save draft inspections. This new feature allows users to save an inspection in a partially completed state and then complete it at a later time, creating freedom and flexibility for users that inspect and manage records in different locations.

Part_Save_Inspections_email 2.png

To read more about part save inspections, read our updated Help Article ‘How to add inspections to your records on the mobile app’.

Please note that the draft inspection feature is only available via the mobile application.

Follow-on Action Release




Papertrail customers will notice a new pop-up that appears following multiple record inspections. This follow-on action captures these newly inspected records and allows users to instantly create certificates for them.


If you would like to learn more about the follow-on actions and how to use them, read our Help Article about 'How to add an inspection to your records on the web app'.

To speak to someone about upgrading your current package, simply open the green icon in the bottom right of your account and speak to our Support Team today intercom_button_1_25.png