Papertrail updates
Papertrail updates

8 New Manufacturers are just a few clicks away!





Check out the 8 new manufacturers that have been added to our ever growing PPE Directory!

Products from Safetec, Black Diamond, Misty Mountain, Draeger, Rock Empire, Rock Exotica, Tractel and Sterling Rope, can now be added to your accounts, so next time you have new kit to import, please remember to browse the directory which has over 10,000 products.

Every item listed features an image as well as product data and technical specifications.

You can check out the PPE Directory here!

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Did you know....





…you can change how you see the dates in your Papertrail records? There are two ways to view dates in Papertrail, for instance you can see fields such as 'Date of Manufacture' in either relative or absolute formats. To change between the formats simply click on your avatar and select profile. Towards the bottom of the page you can tick/untick the 'Display Relative Dates' box.

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Inspection Request Notice!





Inspection Request Notice! We've notified our customers who have the Maillon Rapide Peguet item in their Papertrail system that they may be affected by the following notice from Lyon Equipment Limited.

Over 10,000 products in the PPE Directory!





Adding new products to your accounts just keeps getting easier as we add more and more PPE to our Directory!

With 23 top PPE manufacturers now available you can add all the product data you need by simply choosing 'import record' and then searching for your manufacturer or product…

We have now updated with more products from Edelrid, Singing Rock and Petzl, and now also have over 400 CMC Rescue products!

You can view the PPE directory here and just search for your chosen product or manufacturer.

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Papertrail Product Directory - new manufacturers added!





We now have over 700 products from both Skylotec and Clic-It available in our PPE directory.

So next time you're adding new products to your Papertrail account, please remember to click 'import record' and search for your manufacturer and/or product. When you import the item(s) into your account, you, and your team will have instant access to all the product data and digital documentation.

You can view the PPE directory here and just search for your chosen product or manufacturer!

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TruBlue and PMI Ropes added to the PPE Directory!





Our Papertrail Product Directory is constantly expanding - and we have now added over 600 new products; this time from TruBlue Auto Belay and PMI Ropes.

Next time you are creating a new record for any of the manufacturers we feature you no longer have to manually add all the product data - just click import record, search for your manufacturer/product and …voila!

Safety data and digital documentation, all of which are accessible by you or anyone in your team when out in the field once they are added to your account.

You can view the PPE directory here and just search for your chosen manufacturer or product!

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New feature!





Within Papertrail you can use tags as a super flexible way of organising your equipment.

You can group your records by type of equipment, its location or even by who it has been issued to.

As part of the recent release to Papertrail web applications you now have the ability to filter your account by multiple tags as well as the status of the equipment. As an example.. you can get a list of all your harnesses that are overdue

Searching and filtering your account by multiple tags saves you and your team time. If you’d like help to reorganise tags within Papertrail you can contact support via the in app chat or book an account review meeting via .


Camp products now in the Papertrail Product Directory





431 Camp Safety products are now available for you to upload directly into your Papertrail account! You can view all the products here

Export your Activites!





The Activities export is now available in CSV as well as PDF - simply click the export button and choose your format!

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New brands added to the Papertrail Product Directory





Products from four manufacturers have now been added to our PPE Directory! You can now import products from Lyon, Heightec, Yale Cordage and Perfect Descent straight into your account. Just click Create record, choose Import and search on any of the brands to see the products, then simply add them straight into your account.