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Petzl PIRANA Recall


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We have been made aware that equipment manufacturers Petzl have issued a recall alert for the PIRANA Descender due to a potential drowning risk if the rope accidentally gets blocked in the blocking slot. The advice from the manufacturer is to immediately stop using the descenders affected by this recall.

This safety alert concerns only the following products:

PIRANA descenders D005AA00 and D005AA01 (see models in photo below). Serial numbers: between 19 F 0000000 000 and 22 A 9999999 999.
Sold from July 2019 to January 2022.


Photo: PIRANA (references D005AA00 and D005AA01)‚Äč

Papertrail have identified more than 80 records affected by this safety alert in our database.

If you have a PIRANA that is affected by this recall, the advice is to stop using it immediately and return it to Petzl using the contact form on the recall notice.